Monday, April 11, 2011


Are you READY? With JellyBean's BIRTHday quickly approaching, Josh and I get this question daily. It kind of makes me laugh but it also makes my heart race and blood pressure rise! Emotionally, I think so. Physically, Absolutely! Literally, hmmmm....
For a Type A Perfectionist who obsesses over details- the nursery is a NIGHTMARE!

I know, I know...that baby won't know or care what the nursery looks like! All my plans for creating the "perfect" nursery went out the window when we up and moved. Now that were renting and plan on getting out of here as soon as we can-and the fact I poop out before I get my shoes tied- it's difficult to be inspired to do anything with the house! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at all bitter that I'm having to skip out on the crafts and creating that I thought would fill the months in preparation for Baby's arrival! But, at least we have the necessities! The rest is sure to follow...soon I hope!

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  1. Aww... hang in there! So glad you two found a house for now :)